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Please realize that you haven’t completed the hiring process just yet.  Some of you still have pending background matters that need to be resolved and everyone needs to receive final approval for hire.  If you have outstanding letters, appointments or other items necessary for your background package, I encourage you to fulfill these requirements and get this submitted as soon as possible.

The above processing matters aside, it is vitally important for you to accelerate your preparation efforts for the Academy.  Do not underestimate the physical and mental challenges ahead.  The Academy is the most rigorous in the nation and you are well advised to prepare yourself as much as possible before you start.  However, be mindful that you have been identified as possessing the necessary skills and traits to succeed.  Commit yourself to preparation but also feel confidence.  We wouldn’t be considering you if we didn’t think you had a good chance to graduate from the Academy and succeed in the law enforcement profession.  The overwhelming majority of our applicants fail to reach this point so you have already demonstrated your character, commitment, and abilities.  You’ve almost cleared the first hurdle of hiring.  You must now prepare to overcome the next, being in the rigors of the Academy.

Whatever level of physical fitness you currently have, you should be working to improve your conditioning in a sensible, safe and continuous manner.  Those first few days at the Academy will be exhausting and the higher level of fitness you have, the better you’ll be able to deal with physical demands.  Most of the recruits who quit the Academy do so because they are not in shape.  Consider these tips:

1)  Running: Your class will run in formation on hard surfaces.  This style is inherently different from other types of running and the pace varies to include sprinting from time to time.  Prepare by running on the pavement and buy the best running shoes you can find to avoid shin splints and knee problems.  I recommend your goal to be running three to four miles at a 8-9 minute/mile pace to start.  You won’t be running this far at the beginning of the Academy.  However, your running will come after hours of other physical training.

2)  Upper Body Strength: You will be required to do many push-ups.  Start building your upper body strength now.  Do push-ups in sets of ten to avoid repetitive motion injuries.  Your target should be to complete the alternating 50-50 push-up/sit-up test in five minutes.  

You should be attending Mentoring Sessions, the Law Enforcement Prep course and the T.A.P class through Santa Ana College.  

While your individual preparations are of the utmost importance, your ability to function as a class in general is also critical.  I encourage all of you to start communicating with one another.  Come together and work on your drill, speeches and Academy protocol.  We hope a large number of recruits can come together as a team.

Each department expects you to recognize the challenge in front of you and prepare yourself to the utmost.  If you do not take this challenge seriously you will not meet expectations.  

The Orange County Sheriff’s Academy expects you to commit yourself fully to your future careers.  The challenges ahead are great and you will need to show dedication and resilience to succeed.  Take this matter seriously and realize you are about to make a down payment on an exciting and rewarding career your department.  Good luck.

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